Inquiry- Sovereign Hill

Hello party bulldogs!

I’m currently working on my literacy grid. ORING- BAY! And one of the tasks is as follows:

Select an area of interest of Sovereign Hill such as the gold fields, immigration, transport, school, inventions or fashion and write a short factual recount about it.

Here’s mine!

The police station at the Original Gold Rush Colony was originally built from over 100 year old limestone bricks from the Lincoln Downs Estate in Batemans Bay NSW. They were made locally using lime made from a river scraped from the rocks. Liming (burning oyster shells) was carried out without first shucking the oysters. It was carried out along the Clyde River and much of the rest of the NSW coastline, and nearly destroyed the oyster population. After that, Policemen used their police base to house people caught breaking the law. or without panning licences

TA DA!!!

That’s one literacy grid task done!

See ya next time bazzer batman bulldog boys and girls!

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