Spider-man Homecoming- my review

Hello Bulldog boys and Girls,

During the School holidays I saw the newest movie in the Marvel franchise- Spider man homecoming! It was a very funny movie, but unfortunately, it’s rated M.  I saw it with some friends of mine, (no names) who said it was the best Marvel movie so far. In my opinion, the best part was when (SPOILER ALERT) The bad guy, (vulture) trapped Spider-man (Peter Parker) in a warehouse, and he was checking out his new hi-tech suit with: Taser webs, web grenades, instant setting webs and a web hammock.  It was very funny.  The ending was very good, because, (once again, SPOILER ALERT) Tony Stark proposed to his girlfriend of like 18 years? It was a very good movie.

Until next time, Bulldog boys and girls.



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