Week 2 term 4

Hello to the few people who will read this.

This week has been really okay-ish.

Monday, we had a lesson on how to control and interact with spheroballs (small remote controlled robots), and a sport lesson on cricket.

Tuesday, was a normal day, but I had Keyboard. I’m practising for the concert.

Wednesday,  we did nothing.

Thursday was MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to Myself,

Happy birthday to me!

I got a looootttttt of money for my birthday, as well as a phone, a SIM, and a pixel pal.

That was my week.


The Theatre Performance

This week we had a theatre production. As you can probably tell, I’m super excited to tell you all about it. As it happens, my role was a prince marrying a princess. It is a very tedious subject, and I only enjoyed the curtain call, because everyone was clapping and singing.

Personally, I did not enjoy it, because we had practised it WAY too many times for my liking, and now all the songs are permanently erected in my brain of humongous proportions. My Aunt came to watch it, and she was very proud. My favourite part was a scene where we sang and danced to a jazz song.

Anyways, catch y’all later.

My Poems

Hello party Bulldog batmans!!!

Here are some poems I’ve made in class.


Crime-stopper, dark                  

Flying, fighting driving

Hero, vigilante, black brooding,




There once was a justice league, who saved people from fatigue.

There were a lot of baddies, but they ran to their daddies.

Like it?

Please comment.


Inquiry- Sovereign Hill

Hello party bulldogs!

I’m currently working on my literacy grid. ORING- BAY! And one of the tasks is as follows:

Select an area of interest of Sovereign Hill such as the gold fields, immigration, transport, school, inventions or fashion and write a short factual recount about it.

Here’s mine!

The police station at the Original Gold Rush Colony was originally built from over 100 year old limestone bricks from the Lincoln Downs Estate in Batemans Bay NSW. They were made locally using lime made from a river scraped from the rocks. Liming (burning oyster shells) was carried out without first shucking the oysters. It was carried out along the Clyde River and much of the rest of the NSW coastline, and nearly destroyed the oyster population. After that, Policemen used their police base to house people caught breaking the law. or without panning licences

TA DA!!!

That’s one literacy grid task done!

See ya next time bazzer batman bulldog boys and girls!

Our Inquiry


Today, I will be making a post about- The evolution of the Australian gold fields. Well, first of all, it was one person who accidentally came across a piece of gold, and then he became RICH!  So then everyone, thought, ‘Hey, maybe we can strike it rich as well!’

And then you got people from Paris, Russia, Egypt, America and Perth came over to find their fortune on the goldfield. And that is the end.

But not for long!

Then the coppers come come along and say, ‘Queen Victoria wants money, so all you lot have to pay up for a panning licence. But the miners didn’t like that idea, and so they ended up having a very short conflict which ended with nearly 30 people dying, and the coppers agreeing to terms and everyone having a very, very big party. So that’s all, now you know, why we are here today, how Ballarat came to be, and why people don’t really like Queen Victoria.




Eventually the gold runs out, and people start to settle down. But this ids the time of bush rangers, so everyone is scared that their tent or pub will be burnt down. Eventually the coppers kill the two biggest threats, Ben Hall and one that you might have heard of, Ned Kelly. That puts a stop to all bush rangers and now people can safely camp outside.

But not for long!

Now other people think they can steal and dress up like bush rangers, so now you’ve got half a dozen people attacking random camps for no good reason. And once again, WHO YA GONNA CALL?  The Cops of course! they’re back and of course everyone is dying and being injured and getting blown up and stealing Porches, except maybe not that last one. It’s all chaos by the time more cops arrive, and then they just decide to kill people so they can’t get ideas from the fake rangers. And that is the quite possibly incomplete history of Australian settling.



My week

This week has been pretty exciting.

On Monday, I presented my Genius hour with Zac, on MARVEL.

On Tuesday we had a cool sports lesson on target throwing.

On Wednesday, we had a yoga (snigger) lesson.

On Thursday we had art. We made old lanterns on paper.

And on Friday, I spent two minutes writing this to the person, (you) who’s reading this.

I hope that today can be better.

See y’all.

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Bulldog memes

Hey peeps!

I just thought that since life can sometimes be depressing, that I’d share with you some of my favourite things: memes!

See ya later!


Spider-man Homecoming- my review

Hello Bulldog boys and Girls,

During the School holidays I saw the newest movie in the Marvel franchise- Spider man homecoming! It was a very funny movie, but unfortunately, it’s rated M.  I saw it with some friends of mine, (no names) who said it was the best Marvel movie so far. In my opinion, the best part was when (SPOILER ALERT) The bad guy, (vulture) trapped Spider-man (Peter Parker) in a warehouse, and he was checking out his new hi-tech suit with: Taser webs, web grenades, instant setting webs and a web hammock.  It was very funny.  The ending was very good, because, (once again, SPOILER ALERT) Tony Stark proposed to his girlfriend of like 18 years? It was a very good movie.

Until next time, Bulldog boys and girls.


Cross country/ IMAX excursion

Hello people!

As promised, I will tell you about what we did at IMAX, but first, I want to tell you about Cross country.

If you know about cross country, please feel free to skip the next paragraph.

So, this Friday, Some people from St. Luke’s are going to run through Jell’s park, and compete with other schools. The first 20 runners to finish in each division go on to the next round. My age group, (11-12 boys) didn’t have a choice, because each school picks 8 kids in each age groups, and there are only 8 grade 6 boys this year that are here. (Jake‘s in Fiji.) I look forward to running this year.

Anyways, on Wednesday, we went to IMAX to see Alien covenant jokes, we went and saw: the search for life in space and our beautiful planet (narrated by Jennifer Lawrence)

It was very cool, because the footage was mostly from the ISS (International Space Station) AND it was in 3D!!!

We went to the city on a train, and I got to walk to Blackburn Station with my Dad! The ride was very noisy, and when we where walking to IMAX, we saw a FERRARI!!!!!


It was SO cool!

Any ways, after we watched the search for life in space, we went to the Melbourne Museum to look at MORE 3D coolness in the shape of a video comprising of exploding volcanoes, massive asteroids, and LOTS of diamonds.

Then we watched our beautiful planet.

It was cool

See ya!!!